Updated on: 1 Sep 2015 11:11 PM

Ayelli Organic Argan Oil: Why & How To Use It

Widely popular today, Argan Oil is found in many personal care products. Its moisturizing, anti-aging and anti-oxidizing properties have brought about increased interest in its potential. 

But increased interest does not mean increased knowledge. And increased accessibility does not point towards better quality.

As a new brand in Singapore with deep Moroccan roots, Ayelli is taking on the challenge to shine more light on the benefits of Argan Oil and more importantly, to bring you Argan Oil of the finest quality. We bring you an in-depth interview with Habiba, the young and energetic founder behind the brand.

Habiba, Ayelli founder


Tell us what inspired you to start Ayelli.

I started Ayelli, an organic skin and hair care product line based on pure Argan oil, as I simply cannot find Argan oil of the same quality and purity I grew up using back in Morocco. There is a jarring absence of quality Argan oil products in the international market, and especially so in Asia. I was lucky to have access to top quality Argan oil ever since I was a baby and I swear by its benefits on my hair and skin.

The recent rise in popularity of Moroccan Argan oil has made it easily accessible in the international market, but its quality is nothing like it should be. I was surprised, saddened and shocked by the variety of ‘fake’ Argan oil being offered and took it on as a personal challenge to do something about it. What is being offered in the market is not a quality representation as pure Argan oil is extremely difficult to cultivate. The production is labour-intensive and the tree that yields the Argan fruit is endangered.

So Ayelli is really about sharing my beauty secret and offering genuinely pure Argan oil to the world. Ayelli offers the finest Argan oil, together with other high-performing products, inspired by Moroccan beauty rituals. What we strive to create is a community of health conscious individuals. To me, it feels wrong to work out, eat clean and still use toxic personal care products.


Your slogan is “the purity you deserve”. Just how pure is your Argan oil, and what are the purity levels of Argan oil products found in the market today?

“The purity you deserve” is more than a slogan. It is a constant reminder to ourselves that our consumers deserve only the best. Ayelli Pure Argan Oil is the purest in the market! We have been producing it for many years and use methods that guarantee its purity, high-end quality and preservation of its natural properties.

What consumers need to know is that not all Argan oil is created equal. More than 90% of Argan oil in the market is not authentic. There are those mixed with other oils, as well as those mixed with chemicals. Worst in my opinion are those that are technically pure but are lacking in quality due to poor production methods.

At Ayelli, we strive to do things differently. We use only the best Argan nuts, utilize high-end production methods and cold pressed practices based upon a combination of ancestral techniques and scientific studies. We have garnered a multitude of organic certifications and we manufacture everything in Morocco with transparent listing of ingredients and fair trade practices.


Given the hot and humid weather in Singapore, should users of your product be concerned about your items being too ‘heavy’ on the skin?

Absolutely not! I totally understand this concern but Ayelli Pure Argan oil is dry oil. This means that upon application, it is immediately absorbed. It is extremely light in texture and does not leave your skin and hair feeling sticky or heavy after. Besides, it does not give off any smell, a reason why we have quite a fair bit of customers who are men.


My skin is naturally oily, would applying Argan oil make it worse?

Not at all. Our Ayelli Pure Argan oil contains a high level of Linoleic acid, a type of Omega 6, which aids in reducing sebum production responsible for oily skin and scalp. In fact, our Argan oil has a combination of Vitamin E, antioxidants, Omega 6 and Omega 9 which makes it suitable for all skin types, be it dry, oily, combination or sensitive types.


Are your products safe for pregnant mothers and babies?

Yes, Ayelli Pure Argan oil is produced with the most fragile skin and hair in mind. My mother used pure Argan oil on me since when I was 6 weeks’ old. In fact, many of our customers are expecting mothers who use it to prevent stretch marks and discoloration due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Our Argan oil is also effective against eczema, a common problem among newborn babies.


We see that you only have a standalone product, is there a reason behind this?

Our approach to this is quality over quantity. We believe strongly in focusing on one thing at a time and doing it right! Production of Argan oil is our core competency, and we want you to experience it before launching other products in the pipeline. And frankly, Ayelli Pure Argan Oil is a complete hair and skin care treatment in and of itself, so we’re really packing a lot into this product.


We see that you place emphasize on making a social and environmental impact with Ayelli. Tell us more.

Our Argan oil is partly produced by women from the Argan forest region. We are immensely lucky to have these women offer us their treasured ancestral production skills, without which we simply cannot produce Argan oil of such high quality. In return, we offer them a steady salary, access to health care and access to education in a socially and economically fragile region. The Argan tree is endangered and our production methods play a role in protecting it by way of responsible harvesting and valorization of the Argan heritage so precious to local communities.

At Ayelli, we believe in beauty with a heart. We work tirelessly towards a win-win-win solution for producers, consumers and the planet!


Where in Singapore should we look out for your product?

You can get it right here at Preloot!


Why work with Preloot?

I make sure to partner not just stores or organizations, but people. The founders of Preloot have the same vision and values as what we’re trying to achieve at Ayelli. Preloot cares about the quality of products they offer to consumers and this is evident in our dealings with them. It is a dynamic platform that lets you try before you buy, and buy after you try - without hassle. It also gives you access to curated brands and provides great customer service. I immediately like the idea of us working together. 


Ayelli 100% Organic & Pure Argan Oil is now available for redemption here. We have extremely limited stocks of this, so grab them before its gone! 


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