Updated on: 4 Aug 2015 5:33 PM

Basic Theory: Skin & Body Care Made Simple

If you are into body scrubs, get them from Basic Theory. If you are into something that smells amazing, look no further than Basic Theory. If you are reading this, check out Basic Theory. Okay, you’ve got my drift.

Previously known as Scrubidoo, the 2 wonderful people behind the brand has undertaken a major brand revamp and it is now Basic Theory. To be honest, we love the sound of ‘Scrubidoo’ - its energetic, quirky and pun-y! But hey, popularity of their products have been gaining momentum and they’ve expanded beyond selling just scrubs!

Born and bred in Singapore, and entirely handmade, Basic Theory promotes the use of natural, vegan and non-animal tested products. They've just given their website a new look to complement their updated line of products! To try before you buy, grab samples of their full range of products from Preloot here.

We interviewed Basic Theory to delve deeper into the thought process behind their varied concoctions.


Tell us more about Basic Theory.

Basic Theory is a platform for us to convey our thoughts, ideas and inspirations into something tangible. Our minds are always filled with new ideas and we are constantly seeking to improvise on all aspects of our product range. We have now expanded to carrying 4 body scrubs (Coffee, Coconut, Earl Grey and Lavender), a rose-infused lip scrub, 2 facial toners and a wash-off scrub & mask. Our products are formulated to work effectively while keeping their ingredient in their most natural and unprocessed state.


We understand that you were previously known as Scrubidoo, what inspired the change to Basic Theory?

The change of name was a really difficult decision because we really love how it sounded. Ultimately, it was our customers who prompted the change. We have had many of them telling us we should make products beyond just body scrubs. We’ve answered the challenge because, why not? But to do so, we first needed our brand name to reflect what we do and be more relatable to our expanding range of products. That was why we took the leap of faith and went with Basic Theory!


Who are your products made for?

Ourselves and our loved ones. The products we make must be something we would personally use and what we would recommend to our loved ones. This ensures that what our customers purchase from Basic Theory are always natural, handcrafted, and filled with lots of love and passion! 


Which is your best-selling product to-date? Why do you think this is so?

Our best selling product till date is our coffee body scrub. Part of its success is attributable to the extensive preparatory research and work that goes into producing it, while we would venture to guess an equally-large part of its popularity is based simply on Singaporeans’ love for their daily dose of caffeine! We promise a scrubbingly-good experience akin to taking in your first cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning.


We have noticed raving reviews about your designs. What are the inspirations?

Product design is an important part of our brand positioning. Our packagings are kept simple and minimalistic, but yet informative and clear in terms of displaying product information. To be entirely honest, the inspiration comes from our very own outlook on life. We lead really simple lives, and dislike things that are too complicated. We make a conscientious effort to reflect this in our designs as well. 


Tell us three things you think encapsulate attributes of a good design.

Simplicity, simplicity and simplicity.


Have we not mentioned that you could grab samples of the full range of Basic Theory products from Preloot right here?