Updated on: 13 Jul 2015 5:49 PM

Flower2Grass2 (花花草草): Natural Handmade Skincare Products for Sensitive Skin



Originating from Hong Kong, the team behind Flower2Grass2 is highly enthusiastic when it comes to discussing skincare products made only with the best all-natural ingredients. Started by a group of ambitious ladies with marketing backgrounds, they’re always eager to share. One would be hard-pressed not to try out their products, especially after you have taken a whiff of their captivating smell (really, try out their One for All - Rose Geranium Essential Oil regenrating Night Cream).

We interviewed the Flower2Grass2 team to find out more about what they do from a city-state that has often been compared to Singapore.


Tell us more about the brand and the team behind it. Why all-natural skincare products?

It all started with our founder, Winnie. She suffered from skin allergy for many years, and simply couldn’t find skincare products gentle yet effective enough for her own use. She resorted to studying the composition of products available in the market, and realized that even for skincare products that claim to be natural, chemical preservatives and emulsifying materials are nevertheless still used if they are mass produced.

Surprised by her discovery, and spurred on by her own frustrations, Winnie was determined to hand-make her own skincare products.

After much research and advice from friends who are in the industry, Winnie made her first batch of products and tried it on herself. The skin irritation started to disappear not long after, which gave her the confidence to make more batches that she gave to friends and relatives. The response was positive! With encouragement all-around, Winnie roped the lot of us in to help in product and brand development under a HK-registered company We Are No Expert.


Who do you have in mind when crafting Flower2Grass2 products?

People who, like us, want products that will treat our body and skin kindly and which are made from the best ingredients out there. We are not shy in telling people we don’t use mediocre ingredients at all. What we do is to not spend on advertising, transferring the resources to product development. We let our products speak for themselves.


How different or similar do you think the Hong Kong and Singapore consumer markets are?

People in both countries, being Asians, have largely similar skin types and correspondingly, similar skin issues. The main difference lies in differing weather conditions, which makes skincare needs of people from both countries dissimilar. The warm and humid climate of Singapore makes us believe skincare products ought to be moisturizing yet light in texture to avoid burdening the skin with further ‘weight’.


 Which are your bestselling products in Hong Kong?

 Our Savory Organic Rose Otto Hydrosol, Berrily Me – Anti-aging Eye  Cream and Freshen Up Seaweed Collagen Water Cream.


 Hand-making your products, how do you ensure consistency in the  production process?

 We have a standard operating protocol that we observe strictly. Each    of us have to go through our in-house training, and we start off by  making products for  ourselves and our relatives before delving into  what we term “real production”. We learn from feedback thereafter.  Moreover, we produce a very small quantity  each session to attain a  higher degree of control. This increases our costs significantly but  ensures our products are made right. Also, our ingredients are  consistently sourced from Europe and Australia produced by our  trusted suppliers to ensure the end products are safe and of a high  quality.


Your product names are quirky and unconventional!

We love our products and we try to name them in a fun way while presenting their core benefits.


Where are your products found in Hong Kong?

We do not have a standalone retail shop yet.  But you can find our products at Page One (HK) The Designer’s Bookshop in Harbour City, and organic skincare shops like Organic We (Mongkok) and Love Handmade Shop (Causeway Bay) to name a few.


Where can your products be found in Singapore?

Only at Preloot!


Why work with Preloot?

From where we started 2 to 3 years ago, we have grown our brand presence in Hong Kong significantly. It is thus our ambition to bring our quality products to everyone. When Preloot approached us, we thought it a great opportunity for us to reach out to the Singaporean consumer. We love the idea of trying before buying which Preloot stands for.  As we are new to Singapore, we felt this would be a good step for people to learn about us. So, this model suit us very well.


Sign up for your free account here to redeem samples of Flower2Grass2 products. If you like what you tried, head on over to our LootStore to purchase.