Updated on: 8 Jul 2015 2:50 PM

Girls on Top to Host Much Needed Talk: 'Health is Wealth, How to Stay on Top of Both!'

“Health is wealth”. I don’t know about you, but that’s what grandma used to tell me ad nauseam. Not that I mind at all, mind you, but although these words allude to both health and wealth being important, the way grandma used to say it was to prioritize health above wealth.

Wise words from grandmas the world over does not come to be out of thin air. The very reason why grandma used to tell me that is exactly because she had witnessed human tendencies to pursue wealth while neglecting health. Or perhaps, she was also saying it is simply too hard to have both. More often than not, days of youthful vigor spent on pursuing the pot of gold perched on top of the corporate ladder conveniently give rise to excuses for ignoring healthier endeavors.


This unhealthy dilemma is set to change with the Health is Wealth, How to Stay on Top of Both! talk.


Organized by Girls on Top, the talk will tell you how to achieve health AND wealth. The two guest speakers would be Rachel Forbes (left), Senior Financial Consultant from International Financial Services and Citira Corrigan (right), Personal Trainer from Ozfit-Ufit Bootcamps Singapore. Successful, driven, healthy and above all, happy ladies!

Marie France Asia is the official media partner for the event, and Preloot is honored to have been invited as a collaborating brand.

 To walk the talk, Preloot will be sponsoring 50 boxes containing samples from an   eclectic mix of local beauty brands. To get your hands on them, simply be the first 50     to sign up  for Marie France Asia’s newsletter at the event.





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 EVENT DETAILS: Thursday, 9 July, at The Working Capitol, 1 Keong Saik Street, from  7pm onwards. RSVP here.