Updated on: 4 Aug 2015 5:54 PM

PrintWich: Transform Your Photos Into Actual Prints, FOR FREE



We spent an afternoon talking to the founder of local start-up, PrintWich, and sincerely/honestly/wholeheartedly believe it would be a travesty of our moral obligation if we do not alert you to their existence.

All but 6 weeks young, this local initiative allows commoners like you and I to.........print photos and get them delivered at absolutely no cost. SAY WHAT? With an innovative twist to the usual plot where you pay to have your precious memories printed, PrintWich works with advertisers to have advertisements printed on the back of your photos. This way, advertisement fees collected pay for your prints. This service makes visceral sense to consumers, because really what's there to lose? Is there a catch to this? Yes, in that you can print only up to 10 free prints per registered account every month. 

 A mobile-friendly app is on its way, so in no time you would have the ability to upload pictures on-the-go  right from your mobile.

 To make matters more interesting and enticing to advertisers, PrintWich ensures that advertisements are  printed in a targeted manner. So expect an advertisement featuring Preloot if your photograph shows you  shopping, or an advertisement for a cafe if your photograph shows you sipping a cup of Kopi and etc. etc.  But rest assure, your photographs and personal information are NOT shared with advertisers, check out  their Privacy Policy here.

 We really like this and don't see a reason why you should not. In the words of its founder: "There really are  such things as free lunches in this world!"

 Register your free account here and get PrintWiching! :)